What We Do

At My Brother’s Place, we create an atmosphere where families experience the love of Jesus in a stable and safe place for re-establishing themselves together. We assist each family based on their individual needs by creating a personalized and practical plan to help them become active, thriving members of their own community.  Every family’s situation is different and our staff will personally meet with each family to decide, together, how My Brother’s Place can help.


My Brother’s Place helps families in the following ways:

  • Homelessness Prevention: Families on the verge of eviction may receive financial assistance with household bills, groceries, and mortgage/rent payments for a period of time while they work with My Brother’s Place to regain financial independence.
  • Community-Based Rapid Re-Housing: My Brother’s Place will assist families in securing a rental property and work directly with landlord’s to make payments of rent and utility bills. Our goal is to help families stay together within their community and become financially independent, preventing the need to change schools, jobs or the need to seek out a homeless shelter.
  • Short-term Housing: We are currently raising funds to purchase property(s) that will act as the short-term homes for families who need a safe and secure place to stay while working with us to reestablish themselves financially.


My Brother’s Place families may also receive assistance with:

  • Biblical Counseling
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Resume building, interview preparation, and professional networking